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Snaredrums "Sensitive" Series






An innovative series for those seeking a particularly prompt sound, rich in harmonics and with a low pitched tuning.

The idea originated from our lutemaking experience: the soundboard (the "core") in each string instrument is created using "Abete rosso maschio di risonanza" (resonant alpine spruce): for centuries, this is one of the few constant factors joining even the most different instruments, due to the particular efficiency of this wood in transmitting sound.
Among the various locations, the spruce grown in Val di Fiemme has traditionally always been the most appreciated.

Creating a snaredrum using spruce only would have meant, however, insurmountable problems with regards to stability and resistance to the strong tensions that the shell must be able to endure.

The idea, then, was to create a shell made with staves of spruce (chosen and cut according to the most rigorous criteria) and to glue to it a second, thinner, layer made of another essence, one that will ensure stability and resistance (in addition to being better aesthetically).

The extremely singular result is a very light instrument whose tuning is particulary low-pitched, it is very rich in harmonics as very prompt.

This instrument requires a particular care when it is being built and we believe just as much care in approaching it. It is our sincere hope that it will be able to "bewitch" the most demanding drummer.

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