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Mizar Series 
Sensitive Series 
Shells and Customs 

Alipio's Drums produces shells and snaredrums only.
The core of our production is in the building technique using "staves" made with solid wood. From the acoustic point of view, this technique ensures excellent results: snaredrums that are very resonant and very rich in harmonics.
Each instrument is totally built by hand and "one by one": this rigorously handcrafted technique creates the possibility for each shell to have its own characteristics (even though a basic character is given by the thickness, the type of wood and by the building technique) and never a "trite" sound.
Each phase of the building procedure is given the necessary time so that care can be provided to the smallest details and to always ensure the best of quality.
We are able to produce shells of any diameter (up to the prescribed 14"), height, wood essence and thickness. We can eve built them according to a specific request by the client.

This is, in short, our production; for further details, see the respective dedicated pages:

"Mizar" series snaredrums


This is the traditional series: shell with staves in selected essences. In this series, the shell is created in various thicknesses height and diameter; and if need be, even on the client's request.
In addition to the always available wood essences, on the client's request, other essences can be used from among those that we have available, provided that the wood is already seasoned enough.

Snaredrums "Sensitive" series


An innovative series for those seeking a particularly prompt sound, rich in harmonics and with a low tuning up. The shell is created in two phases: the first is a layer made with a stave structure in spruce from the Val di Fiemme (acoustically, this is the most efficient wood used in lute making) ; on this is built a second, but thinner, layer using another essence for aesthetic as well as for mechanical strength.

Shells and Customs (build YOUR OWN snaredrum)


For craftsmen and drummers wishing to personalize "with their own hands" their snaredrum to their individual taste, we can supply the snaredrum only, built in its essence and in the preferred thickness, with or without beleveling and holes.
We can also build shells according to specifications provided entirely by the client.

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