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Serie Mizar 
Serie Sensitive 
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"Mizar" series snaredrums




This is the traditional series: shell with staves in selected essences.

As standard height, we suggest:
* 3" 1/2;
* 5"
* 5" 1/2
* 6" 1/2

For each of these heights, we offer various thicknesses to achieve very different acoustic results: from 7 mm. for prompt and sensitive snaredrums to 9 mm., and up to 11 mm., for very aggressive and powerful snaredrums.

We can make snaredrums from 10" to 14", in various essences.
As the standard, we suggest:
* Madagascar rosewood
* Maple
* Oak.

We also have other essences that are available immediately (European walnut, cherry, pear, ash, mahogany, pau rose, apple...) to be able to satisfy even special needs.

For the threadings, we usually use padouk, rosewood, walnut or box-wood, searching for what we think are the best combinations, except for any explicit request.

Whenever possible, we will gladly create instruments
that have even particular characteristics requested by the client.

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