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Shells and Customs





For craftsmen and drummers wishing to customize "with their own hands" their snaredrum to their individual taste, we can supply the shell only, built in its essence and in the preferred thickness, with or without beleveling and holes.

Different craftsmen produce snaredrums by using shells made with industrial plywood, easily available on the United States market.
Drummers and percussionists are, undoubtedly, the musicians most used to "customizing" their own instrument, when they don't build the instruments from scratch.

We can supply shells which can even be built, when possible, according to the specific dimensions and essences that you will supply, to create instruments that are entirely "yours". In this case, the shell will carry the "Alipio's Drums" mark. Our typical brand mark will only appear on the internal side, to show that our work is only limited to that part. We can deliver you the shell with the holes, the belevels for the heads and the snare wire already made, or a still "virgin" shell, built with the wood for the staves and the braids that you choose from the Mizar or Sensitive Series and in the size that you prefer: completing the instrument as you best wish is up to you and your creativity.

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